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Terms of Use

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Modification to "Terms of Use"

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Restriction of Liability

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Terms of Sale


These terms of sale is followed under the rule of Young Angels International.

Registered Location: India

Registered Number: 3220486

Registered Office: 721, Udyog Vihar Phase -V, Gurgaon (Gurugram), Haryana – 122016 (INDIA)

* A contract will be valid between you and Young Angels International for the sale of any goods until Young Angels International has officially received and accepted your order, followed by sending a confirmation by email to your given email address.

* The contract is subject to your right of cancellation if you are a consumer.

  1. 2   Description, Price, and Delivery of Products
  • All the products are subject to availability. In case the goods you have ordered are not available on your receipt, Young Angels International will notify you as soon as possible, and will refund or re-credit your amount that has been debited from your bank.
  • The description and the price of the goods you order will be accessible on the website at the time you place your order.
  • All the books on the website may differ in terms of graphics and presentation when you will buy.
  • We ensure that the prices shown on the website are correct when you place your order. If there will be any problem while dispatching the products, Young Angels International will notify at the earlier possible moment and provide you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling your order. In case you like to cancel your order, Young Angels Publishing will refund or re-credit the amount that has been paid by you or debited from your bank.
  • There are no additional charges for the delivery of the products within India. Extra charges may be imposed on guaranteed next-day delivery. The cost of the delivery charges and products are inclusive of VAT, if applicable, as mentioned on the website of Young Angels International. In case of export of products from India, you will be responsible for shipping and insurance charges as concurred with Young Angels International, and accountable for abiding by the regulations governing the importation of the goods into the destination country which also includes the payment of any duties on them.
  • You can make payments according to the options mentioned on Young Angels International website. The order of your products will be delivered to your mentioned address.
  • In case of failure of the delivery, Young Angels International will notify you about it and refund the amount that has been debited from your bank.
  • In case there is no one to accept the order at the delivery address, you will be notified by the delivery service about the alternative delivery date to receive the same.
  • We make sure that we deliver your order as soon as possible within the period of 30 days of your order.
  • In case we are unable to deliver your order, Young Angels International will notify you as quickly as possible and cancel your order, and re-credit the amount that has been debited from your bank account.
  • Young Angels International will not be responsible for any damage suffered by you during the unnecessary delay in your delivery. You will be responsible for your products after you accept your order from the delivery service.
  1. 3   Protection of Data
  • Young Angels International ensures that the details of your order and payment are protected, but it will not be responsible for unofficial access to information shared by you.
  • Your information will only be used to fulfill your order, unless you agree to. You can edit and ask for information removed about you by writing a letter to Young Angels International at the address, by email or fax number as mentioned below.
  1. 4   Cancellation of Orders
  • To gain the cancellation right, you must write to Young Angels International by post or email, at the below mentioned address, fax number or email address, details of the products ordered, mentioning the order number and the delivery, and the cause for return.
  • In case you cancel the order of products after you have received them, you must return the products to Young Angels International at your own expense, in an unutilized condition. The products must be returned to the address mentioned below.
  • Once you have informed Young Angels International about the cancellation of your contract, it will transfer the amount that has been paid by you within 60 days of the returned products with their receipt.
  1. 4   Warranty and Responsibility
  • Under the supervision of Young Angels International all the products are warranted free from faults in craftsmanship.
  • This warranty is not applicable to any defect in products arising from wear and tear, accident, negligence by you and any willful damage.
  • In case of any other complaints about the products, you should contact Young Angels International by phone, by email or as mentioned below.

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