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Stickmen's Guide to the Ocean Uncovered

Splash with the Stickmen at the sea's surface, then sink down through the darkening zones to the black abyss – where boiling hot vents support amazing life forms. And you still haven't reached the bottom…
• Snorkel around coral gardens
• Find creatures that make their own light
• Explore the seabed and meet the giant squid
• Dive 11 km (7 miles) down to the deepest trench
The Stickmen bring you up close to the Ocean's mightiest – and strangest – creatures, as you swim past humpback whales, cucumbers that walk, shiny sharks and jelly-like blobfish. Can't take any more pressure? That's OK, jump in a submersible!

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Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: 32
Book Size: 215mm × 280mm
Age Group: 5-6 Years
Format: Perfect
ISBN: 9788194051886