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Stickmen's Guide to the Mountains & Valleys Uncovered

Slide down the layers of the Earth with the Stickmen, from the mountaintops to the grassy plains that teem with wildlife, and digging down through the crust to the super-hot core.  
• Climb up a snowy peak
• Dip into a canyon's hot springs
• Search for gold in the deepest mine
• Watch a volcano explode
On the way you'll see bears and snow leopards, geysers and giant machines, tectonic plates smashing into each other, and more. Don't quake, you're with the Stickmen who'll show you just what makes Earth rock!

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Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: 32
Book Size: 215mm × 280mm
Age Group: 5-6 Years
Format: Perfect
ISBN: 9788194051879