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Stickmen's Guide Your Muscles and Bones

Muscles let you run, jump, play sport – or just sit still to read this book. Your bony skeleton holds you up and keeps everything in its place. Let the Stickmen show you around – inside you!
Find out why    
• muscles are strong and can get even stronger
• bones are really soft inside – and they’re always busy!
• you can make tiny movements or giant leaps
(it’s a joint thing)
Along the way, you’ll discover the world’s oldest skeleton, the longest and strongest muscle, what the funny bone is, and more. Colourful, cutaway artworks and clear, fact-filled text reveal the BIG secrets of your tough, perfectly balanced dream team!

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Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: 32
Book Size: 215mm × 280mm
Age Group: 5-6 Years
Format: Perfect
ISBN: 9789388987035