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Stickmen's Guide to Your Beating Heart

Ber-boom, ber-boom, ber-boom… your superhero heart beats more than once every second, whatever you’re doing. Your lungs pull in up to 550 litres of oxygen a day. So how are they linked and just what do they do? Join the Stickmen on a voyage of exploration to find out.  

• See inside the heart’s pumping chamber
• Travel along big arteries
and peek inside capillaries
• Witness burly white cells fight off bugs
You’ll discover why you need 25 trillion red blood cells, how exercise affects the body, and that the lungs could cover a badminton court…  Colourful, cutaway artworks and clear, fact-filled text reveal the clever, hidden workings of your breathing and blood circulation, always busy keeping you fit, warm – and alive!

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Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: 32
Book Size: 215mm × 280mm
Age Group: 5-6 Years
Format: Pefect
ISBN: 9789388987004