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Stickmen's Guide Your Brilliant Brain

Just think: everything you do (and think!)  is handled by the extraordinary computer inside your head, along with the body's internet – your nervous system. Join the Stickmen to discover how
• Spidery nerve cells whizz messages to the brain
• Lightning reflexes keep you safe
• A bigger brain doesn't mean you're smarter (it's all about those little nerve cell connections!)
The Stickmen explain which part of your brain has your bright ideas, what thoughts are, how memories are made, and other mysteries of your very own squidgy mass of grey matter! Clear, cutaway artworks and fact-filled nuggets of text reveal the many, many reasons why you're so clever. Thanks, brain!

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Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: 32
Book Size: 215mm × 280mm
Age Group: 5-6 Years
Format: Pefect
ISBN: 9789388987011