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Murphy Meets a Healthy Buddy

A series for ensuring holistic development of children!

‘Growing Years’ is a collection of specially written stories that:

  • Cater to the varied need to growing years.
  • How to overcome and face bullying problems.
  • Help how to overcome fears.
  • Teach how to cope with the different challenges that growing up brings.
  • Promote positive coping skills.
  • Deal with the importance of the Social: Relationships with peers and adults, Cultural and Socioeconomic Contexts.
  • Integrate mental, emotional and social development of children.

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Murphy is sad because his friends call him Fatty. He meets a pixie. What does the pixie tell Murphy?

Read this story that tells how small decisions can make big changes. With Murphy learn how simple and easy it is to become healthy,smart and active.


Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: 16
Book Size: 216mm x 216mm
Age Group: 6-7 Years
Format: Center Pin Paper Back