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Nora Become a Water Saver

Educative stories and activities to make children aware of the environmental problems understand them and get interested in the solutions.

The ‘Go Green’ series is unique as:
• It will help develop a pro-environment attitude in your child.
• The stories strongly convey that even as children their actions will make a difference.
• The colourful illustrations bring alive the stories.
• The children will develop a sense of responsibility to care for the environment.
• The easy-to-do educative activities encourage exploratory learning, rather than discussing the theories.
• Glossary and comprehension exercises will enhance the language skills.


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Nora meets a cactus plant. What does the cactus plant tell her? What does Nora decide?
Read this story and like Nora learn to conserve water.


Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: 32
Book Size: 216mm x 280mm
Age Group: 6-7 Years
Format: Center Pin Paper Back