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Adeline and Jake go to the Desert

Educative stories and activities to make children aware of the environmental problems understand them and get interested in the solutions.

The ‘Go Green’ series is unique as:
• It will help develop a pro-environment attitude in your child.
• The stories strongly convey that even as children their actions will make a difference.
• The colourful illustrations bring alive the stories.
• The children will develop a sense of responsibility to care for the environment.
• The easy-to-do educative activities encourage exploratory learning, rather than discussing the theories.
• Glossary and comprehension exercises will enhance the language skills.

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Adeline and Jake accompany their parents to Thar Desert. What do they see there? What do they decide? Read this story in which Adeline and Jake learn how precious water is and they should not waste it.



Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: 32
Book Size: 216mm x 280mm
Age Group: 6-7 Years
Format: Center Pin Paper Back