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My Big Supercool Colouring Book

A perfect colouring book for kids.‘My Big Supercool Colouring Book brings oodles of colouring for children. Children will enjoy colouring through this book with the help of the coloured and completed picture given on alternate pages. This jumbo colouring book for kids is a fun way to introduce children to creativity, develop their fine motor skills and at the same time increase their knowledge. My big supercool colouring has very simple sketches given especially for the little ones . With such simple images to colour along with the coloured background will bring their monkey minds to the calm and relaxing state. This is the best drawing book for kids 2 years up till 8 years to copy and color. A must to buy book if your child has just started to colour. The quality of the pages used through out, are very premium and just appropriate for children to colour in. This is a perfect coloring book for kids 1 years up to 6 years, as it enhances their motor skills while colouring through these large pages.My big super cool colouring book has extremely thick and high paper quality. It can be used with crayons,pencils,water colours and paint.

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Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: 128
Book Size: 215 × 280 mm × 10mm
Age Group: 3-4 Years
Format: Perfect
ISBN: 9789328944553