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Top 10 Moral Stories for Kids

Posted By Admin on 29-Dec-2021

Now a day’s parents are busy in their daily chores and they hardly get time to spend with their children. Long time back our Grannies used to spend time reciting a lot of stories to us. Those stories helped in building a strong value system within us. It is very important to inculcate right values in our children right from beginning. The complete character of a child depends on the values they are shaped up with. There is no other way to teach values to children other than the stories. Children learn the most important life lessons through their favourite characters in the form of stories.

Young angels publishing would like you to explore our Amazon best seller Moral stories pack of 10. Children would love to read the short and interesting stories and will learn good moral value lessons from each story.

Book no.1 - Intelligent lamb

The intelligent lamb is a beautiful story that teaches us how one can come out of the biggest situation by just using their presence of mind. The story revolves around a lamb that got separated from his flock and got trapped by a hungry fox. What happened thereafter? Read the story to know how the lamb was able to rescue himself or became the meal of the hungry fox.  Read aloud this beautiful story to to inculcate the kids value. It is important to inculcate these values in children as it will help kids to shape up their personality.

Moral –Intelligent lamb teaches us that a little intelligence can be of great help in times of trouble


Book No.2 - The mice and the cat

The mice and the cat is a beautiful story from the collection of moral stories for kids. This story is an age old classic story of mice who are in trouble because of the cat who has nearly eaten all of them. Did mice take any step to save themselves from the cat? Read aloud this story to your hild and help them learn the most important lesson of life in the form of a story.

Moral - It is easy to propose impossible situation but difficult to follow them



Book No. 3 - The wise mule

The wise mule is a beautiful story from a collection of kids moral stories. This story is all about a mule who had fell in a well .The story also shows how a selfish farmer who owned the mule tried to get rid of him. Was the mule able to rescue himself? Read aloud the story of the wise mule to your children and help them to learn the basic values of life. Use their strength and courage to solve the problems. As a parent we must aim to build the strong foundation of children through these fun and entertaining short moral stories for children.

Moral - one should not give up on their fears.


Book No. 4 - The cap-seller and the monkeys

The cap-seller and the monkeys is a fun and entertaining short moral story for kids. The story is about the naughty monkeys who took off the caps from the cap –seller’s bag when he was fast asleep. How did the cap- seller got his caps back from the group of naughty monkeys? It definitely wouldn’t be an easy job. Let’s read aloud this interesting story to our children and find out how the cap seller found the solution to his problem. This story will teach children how to take themselves out from an impossible situation using their presence of mind. There are many life lessons that we need to teach children right from their early years in the form of short stories.

Moral - Wit works where strength fails



Book No. 5 - The foolish monkey

The foolish monkey is an interesting story to read aloud to your children from the collection of moral stories. The story indicates that how the birds worked hard to make a nest for themselves to protect them against harsh rains in monsoon. How they got into trouble by giving a wise advice to a foolish monkey? What did monkey do to them? Make your children learn these important life lessons of values through these short and entertaining stories made around the characters they would love to read about.

Moral - Giving advice to fools is futile and baneful.


Book No. 6 - The greedy hen

The greedy hen is a short moral story that tells us that the one who is greedy has to suffer later or sooner. This story is about a greedy yellow hen that chose precious gems over the grains. Was this hen able to satisfy her and her child’s hunger with grains? What made her realize that gems cannot satisfy the hunger? Read the whole story to know what situation made her realize the mistake she did by picking up gems stones instead of the grains. The story teaches us to be content with what you have. As a parent it is our responsibility to inculcate good moral values in our children right from their formative years. Reading out moral stories to them each day is one of the best ways to teach moral values to kids.

Moral - Do not be greedy.


Book No. 7 - The stupid jackal

The stupid jackal is a wonderful story from the treasury of age old classic moral stories. The story is about a jackal and a camel who were good friends. How the stupid actions of jackal could have brought the life of a camel at risk? What did the camel do in the last? Read aloud this interesting moral story to your children to inculcate some important life lesson they would learn from it.

Moral - One has to pay the price for one’s stupid actions.


Book No. 8 - The Soup party

The soup party is a wonderful moral story that is a must to read for each child. The story is about a fox and a stork that spends most of their time together. But what happened when the fox invited stork to his house for the dinner? What important life lesson was learnt by the stork and what did it do to teach fox a lesson? Must read aloud this fantastic moral story to your children to know what the fox did that came back to him. If we will take out some time to read some good moral stories to our children every day, they will develop a strong value system by the time they will grow up.

Moral - What we give comes back to us.


Book No. 9 - These grapes are sour

Each one of us has read this amazing story in our childhood and we must make our children read it too! The story is about a fox who tried hard to pluck the bunch of grapes from the tree top. Was he able to pluck them? Whom did the the fox blamed and for what? Read aloud this beautiful story to your children and help them learn the basic values of life.

 Moral - Blaming others for our own failures is a sign of futility.


Book No. 10 - The sparrow and the kingfisher

Children love to explore each and everything around them. As a parent it is very important to teach children what is right and what is wrong for them. There could be no other way to teach them the beautiful life lessons other than reading aloud fun and entertaining short moral stories to them. The sparrow and the kingfisher is a story about a little sparrow who is fascinated to see the kingfisher diving in the water and catching fishes. What did the sparrow do that was not right for it? Let’s read aloud this beautiful story to our children and make them learn some important life lessons in a fun and interesting way.

Moral - Imitating without thinking of consequences can be dangerous. 

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