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Best books for Toddlers

Posted By Admin on 13-Dec-2021

Young Angels Publishing present it’s one of the best seller series “My First Book of” for toddlers. Here’s a perfect choice for all Mom’s and Dad’s who are looking to teach ABC to their toddlers.

It is the best childhood memory to capture when your toddler tries to learn their first ABC. When they look at those big pictures in the book and spell out their first letters, it is a moment to store in memories.

Toddlers usually gets attract to the big and colorful pictures. A parent must be very selective while choosing the books for their children. Parents must add on the best books to their children’s library.

Young Angels has introduced the collection of beautiful five books that provides the best early learning material for the toddlers. These books will not only introduce children with the big alphabets but they will also learn a lot of new words by looking at the big and attractive pictures. Let’s explore and enter the world of alphabet books for toddlers.


First Book in this series “My First Book of ABC”

The cover of the book is very child friendly and beautifully illustrated.  Toddlers are very fond of illustrated characters. Let’s see what is inside the book.

When your child will turn the page and enter the world of ABC they will get mesmerized looking at the big and colourful pictures. Each alphabet is written in both capital and small letters. Each page has a big size picture along with their names that are written in large print size. Through this book your toddler will learn his first alphabets in a fun learning way.

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Second Book in this series “My First Book of 123”

The moment your child will look at this book, they would not want to leave it. Young toddlers will get delighted looking at the beautiful and attractive covers. Let’s see what’s there inside this book.

Wow! Look at the pictures! One bear… two penguins. Big pictures always help toddler to learn thing easily. In this book “My First Book of 123” Young angels has covered 1 to 10 counting with big and colourful pictures. Once your toddler gets familiar with the count of 1 to 10, they can explore and learn the numbers till 100 with colourful pictures all over.

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Third book in this series “My First Book of Colours and Shapes” 

The cover itself says everything. Your little ones would just not leave this book if they will have the first glimpse of it. Let’s see what is inside Young Angels “My First Book of Colours and Shapes”

Colours and shapes  is a very important subject for toddlers. It is one of an essential topic to cover for children in their early learning. Let’s turn the pages and enter the beautiful world of colours and shapes. Look at this page , a complete yellow colour and objects with colour yellow all over, yellow bananas, yellow lemon, yellow sunflower and many more. Let’s turn some more pages and explore this beautiful book.

Shapes! What a lovely page it is! . On this page we have different types of shapes like circle, oval, square and rectangle . You will find an example of each shape for example  if there is a circle ,you will find two more objects which are in circle shape like clock and button. This concept will make learning easy and makes recognizing easy for your toddler. Your little ones will easily recognize the objects that are related to each shape.



Fourth book in this series “My First Book of Fruits and Vegetables” 

Look at this cute little bear on the cover enjoying eating a banana. Children would be keen to open and look inside after getting attract to this cover. Let’s see what we have in this book.

This book is divided into two parts, the first one is fruits and here we have very juice and tasty fruits on the first page. The big and lovely pictures will make each of them look alive and your children would want to have them in your hand . Turn more pages to increase your child’s fun learning.

The second part of the book has big pictures of vegetables. Your toddler will learn the names of their first vegetables. How they look? What is their colour? Turn this learning into experiential learning keeping the original vegetable along with this book. This way your child will learn things more quickly. It is the best way to teach your children in their early years.

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Fifth book of this series “ My First book of Rhymes” 

This book will make your child curious to turn the cover and see what’s inside. Moon on the cover page with night scene and a cute bear. Your toddler will love to have this best book of rhymes.

This is the most lovely book for your toddler! You want to know why? Your little ones love to hear rhymes and songs, because they are very musical and melodious. Toddler loves to hear something that is rhyming . This book has most popular rhymes with beautiful illustrations on each page. Your toddler will love this book the most.

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This is the best collection for your toddler for teaching them ABC, 123, Colours and Shapes, Fruits and Vegetables and Rhymes. Young Angels publishing always try to give your little ones the best quality of education and information. If you loved these books, please give us your feedback from where you bought them. If you have not yet they buy them you can click on the link below and have them for your little ones.

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