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Value books for kids

Posted By Admin on 10-Dec-2021

Value books for kids

Time to Save Series… Young Angels Publishing

Time to save is brand new series from Young Angels Publishing. This series help children to learn how to take care of natural resources and why we need to save them.

We have limited resources on our planet, if we keep on wasting them it will take no time for these resources to get vanish. In the current times, children need to learn ways to save the natural resources. Now a days we all are busy in our lives and are not thinking about the future. What if there is no electricity? What can happen if we don’t have enough drinking water? Just imagine how life would be without trees, animals, and electricity? Humans would not be able to survive without the natural resources.

Young Angels has taken an initiative to help children to learn to save our environment. In this series. Young Angels has introduced nine topics in which they try to cover all important subjects that children must be aware of. These books are the best books to know more on how to save our environment.

In this series Young Angels has introduced two new characters, a boy and a girl. Both of them are always curious to know more about the natural resources, nature, etc. So let’s see what answers they get for their curious questions.


The first title in this series is “Time to Save Animals” 

This book will educate children on how animals help to keep the ecosystem healthy. Children will learn that how important it is to save the animals from extinction as it can disturb the balance of our planet earth. In this book we took some important topics like Animals and their classifications, Habitat of Animals, Feeding habits of Animals, Threats to Animals, How can we save animals? Don’t miss the comic page that explains more about “Time to Save Animals


Second title is “Time to save electricity” 

This book will educate children that electricity comes from power plants that use fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas to generate electricity. These resources once used cannot be generated. Children will learn that how important it is to save electricity as it won’t be possible for the mankind to exist on this planet without electricity. This book cover some amazing topics like, What is Electricity? Importance of electricity, how is electricity produced, how is electricity wasted? How we can save electricity? Don’t miss reading the comic page ‘A world Without Electricity’ that explains everything about the topic in our book ‘Time to save Electricity’.


Third title is “Time to save Environment”

Early values this book will educate children that how people are destroying the environment by their day to day activities that are so much harmful for nature. Children will learn how important it is to save environment as it supports the entire life form on the planet earth. A beautiful comic style page that will help children get aware of what kind of a world will it be without a healthy Environment in our book ‘Time to Save Environment’.



Fourth title is ‘Time to save Money’

This book will educate children that we need money to fulfill our basic needs on the planet earth. Children will learn how important it is to save money to lead a better life for themselves and their families. Money plays a very important role in our lives . Through our book ‘Time to save Money’ we have covered some interesting topics like, importance of money, different forms of money, what is budget? How we can use our pocket money? How we can save our pocket money? Don’t, miss reading our interesting  comic at the back of page that  explains you what could be  the world without the money in our book ‘Time to save money’ . 



Fifth title is “Time to save natural resources” 

Young Angels' this book will educate children that if we use and extract some of our natural resources continuously we will eventually exhaust them. Children will learn the importance of natural resources and would learn to save them for future. In this book you will read about the natural resources and we took some valuable topics like, kinds of natural resources, our five valuable natural recourses, how do we use these natural resourses?, how people are misusing these natural resources? A beautiful comic strip on the last two pages will help children know what could be the world without our natural resources in our book “Time to save natural resources”.



Sixth title is “Time to save Trees”

This book will educate the children about the contribution of trees in our day to day living. Children will learn how important it is to save trees if we wish to live a healthy life.  Everyone knows that how trees are important for us? In this book “Time to save Trees” we took some different topics like, how trees are important?, Threats to Trees, Effects of Deforestation, How we can save trees? Can we imagine a World without Trees? The comic page given at the back will take children much deeper into this topic in our book ‘Time to save trees’



Seventh title is “Time to save water”

This book will educate children if there is no water on the planet earth there will be no life. Children will learn how important it is to save water as life is just not possible without it. Water is always essential for each one of us.  In our book ‘Time to save water’ we have tried to cover some really interesting topics on water like, how water is important for us? other uses of water, how water is wasted? The comic page at the back will make them aware that how important is water for our life. 



Eighth title is “Time to save relations”

In our book ‘Time to save relations’ children will read how important are relations. Some interesting topics are covered so beautifully in this book, like why relationships are important? Are relations important for our lives? What are the common problems in relationship? This book will educate children what should relations means to us and their importance in our lives. Children will learn how important it is to save relations as they are important to live a happy life.



Ninth title is “Time to save Health” 

This book will educate children how important it is to keep oneself physically and mentally free for a good health system. Children will learn how importance it is to save health to stay happy and remain active. Our book ‘Time to save health’ will explain children how they can take care of their health. Some interesting topics are covered so beautifully in this book like topics like, Why is health important? What role food plays in our life? Why exercise is important for us?, How can we take care of our health?



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