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Posted By Admin on 08-Dec-2021

We’ve loved our gratitude unit. It’s a perfect focus in the fall, although it’s wonderful at any time! Gratitude is a character trait that we all need to emphasize year-round.

Here are some of my favorite gratitude books for kids for a gratitude unit … or just to focus on gratitude!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (at no cost to you).

Just choose books based on your child’s age and what you think will engage your child’s interest. I recommend checking out the “Look Inside the Book” feature on Amazon and reading reviews there. Another place to learn about a book is on YouTube. You can typically see the entire book there. If you live outside the U.S., be sure to check out Book Depository for great prices and free worldwide delivery.

Montessori-friendly books use photos or realistic illustrations. They don’t have talking animals or a lot of fantasy. But many books that have fantasy and talking animals are wonderful books, and I love sharing them with children who understand the difference between fantasy and reality. I typically have a majority of Montessori-friendly books for a theme, but I include a variety of books that might not be Montessori-style books but that are simply lots of fun or are classic books that I consider an important part of cultural literacy.

Favorite Gratitude Books for Kids


This is a Montessori-friendly book if you don’t mind the concept of a dog being thankful. Biscuit doesn’t talk, but says, “Woof, woof,” to indicate things he’s thankful for. My toddler grandkids love this book!

This is a Montessori-friendly religious board book. 

I always have related books available throughout a unit. On the top shelf, I have some books showing gratitude from individuals in other cultures. Gracias/Thanks is written  in both Spanish and English. Giving Thanks focuses on gratitude expressed by the Iroquois people, and We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga  focuses on gratitude expressed by the Cherokee people.

Sweet and simple Montessori-friendly book (except for a few smiling animals) illustrated by a variety of artists. My favorites are the opening and closing pages by Elizabet Vukovic.

The book starts with the lovely  family tradition of having breakfast together. “Daddy and Mommy always say: ‘Thank you for being Emma.’ ‘Thank you for being Olivia.’ ‘Thank you for being Jimmy.’ And we say: ‘Thank you for being Mommy and Daddy.'”

The book ends with a sweet family bedtime tradition. “Every night before we go to bed, Daddy and Mommy say: ‘Thank you for being Emma.’ ‘Thank you for being Olivia.’ ‘Thank you for being Jimmy.’ And we say: ‘Thank you for being Mommy and Daddy. Thank you and good night.'”

A sweet book in rhyme. After “The birder is thankful to list a new bird,” it says “The pastor is thankful for God’s loving word.” Just wanted to let you know in case you do or don’t want that in a book.

Bear Says Thanks is not a Montessori-style book but has a great message … and kids love it!


A Montessori-friendly book about expressing gratitude on a class camping trip.

A Montessori-friendly multicultural story about sharing, community, and gratitude.

Beautiful photography and poetry!

Not a Montessori-style book but such loved characters! A fun thank-you book from Elephant and Piggie.

Gratitude Books for Thanksgiving

These books specifically talk about Thanksgiving:

A Montessori-friendly Thanksgiving book for preschoolers and emerging readers.

A Montessori-friendly Thanksgiving book in flowing rhyme. It’s an easy read for toddlers and young preschoolers. As a vegetarian, I just change the words in “Thanks for Thanksgiving, for turkey and pie” to name a food we eat instead of turkey. (A turkey isn’t shown in the picture.) Something like “Thanks for Thanksgiving, for potatoes and pie,” or “Thanks for Thanksgiving, for nut loaf and pie,” could work for vegetarians.

A beautiful Montessori-friendly book based on the true story of a family’s outdoor Thanksgiving feast each year.

A Very Thankful Prayer is a religious board book that isn’t a Montessori-style book (with animals as the main characters). It’s a sweet, rhyming book that most young children will love and find very comforting.

If you have kids who love the Berenstain Bears, be sure to check out the Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving gratitude books (Berenstain Bears books aren’t Montessori-style books, but they’re so much fun!): The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings and The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks.

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