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Best Books 2021 – Science Tales

Posted By Admin on 15-Nov-2021

Young Angel Publishing is happy to introduce it’s new series for children “Science Tales”. These tales will not only solve the queries of your little one’s related to Science but they will also love reading these beautifully illustrated tales .

These Science tales have more than 20 titles and are just the best books to read for early readers in 2021. This series has the best books for children to read and to learn more about how science and nature works.

Science Tales have the best books for children and they are best books of 2021. Read more about “Science Tales”, with various interesting topics in each book covered by Young Angels Publishing.


The first titles of this series is “Air, Air Everywhere

Baby Roxy is curious to know more about the air. Do you know what air is? Why we cannot see it? We can only feel the air. What is the importance of air? Roxy’s teacher Crane will let him know more about the air. Do you also want to know about this best book 2021? Read it now!


Second book is “Albert’s compass

Have you ever seen compass? If yes, you must thought how it works? In this book Albert is a bird and wants to deliver a parcel. He lost the way and now he needs the help to reach to Dafty. Read this Science Tale to know how Albert uses the compass and how it works?


Third book is “Amazing Web

Spiders… do you like them? I think no… most of us don’t like Spiders. Did you know spider’s silk is five times stronger than a piano wire? Have you ever thought how spider makes their web? Why do they make the web?  Here in this book you will read more about the spiders. 

Forth books is “Arnie Wonders about the Wind

Do you know where the wind comes from? Arine the and Slappy the butterfly also wants to know more about wind. Will lucky be able to answer their questions? Read this wonderful book of Science Tales to know the answers .


Fifth book is “At the Gas Station”

Have you ever seen the Gas station? I am sure you must have! Have you ever notice the instructions written on each gas station that we need to follow when we are there? Why should we switch off our mobile phones at gas station? Why no one should smoke cigarettes at the gas station? Read this amazing book from our series ‘Science Tales’ and learn about the working of gas station.



Sixth book is “Crumble, Jumble and the balloons”

Balloons always fascinate children! They are really lovely and children want to play with them. You have seen some balloons which are floating in the air. Have ever you everthought what makes balloon float in the air? Crumble and Jumble are also want to know more about this. Read this interesting book from our series’ Science Tales’ to know. 


Seventh book is “Derby want to walk on Frozen Pond”

Winters… oh..oh..oh..oh. Do you like winters? I am sure you do! In winters you must have seen everything gets freeze. Do you know why ponds freeze in winters?  Read this very interesting tale from our series ‘Science Tales’ and learn why ponds gets freeze during the winters.



Eighth book is “Electricity”

Do you know who discovered the electricity? Who was Benjamin Franklin? What did he do? Read this wonderful book from our series of ‘Science Tales’ and learn about what Benjamin Franklin achieved.






Ninth Book is “Elmo Ponders”

Have you ever visited Deserts? Did you ever see the hot and dry sand all over the desert? Have you ever wondered why the desert has sand? From where do the sand comes from? Read this story to know more about this.


Tenth book is “Force of Gravity”

What is Gravity? Do you know about the force of gravity? Have ever you thought why every object comes down when we leave it? It is gravity and gravity is an invisible force that occurs between two objects. Know more about the force of gravity by reading this book.


Eleventh book is “Grand Canyon”

Grand Canyon… Did you ever hear about it? What is Grand Canyon? When it was formed? Where is the Grand Canyon? How was it formed and who made it? Read this Science Tales and learn all about the Grand Canyon. Science Tales are helping children to discover and understand the world around.



Twelfth book is “Hard Rock”

Have you ever thoughts why rocks are so hard! What are the hard rocks? What are they made of? What do we get it from them?  What are their properties? Read this book and know more about it?



Thirteenth book is “Humpty has fun”

How are penguins able to live in such harsh environment? Why do they hurdle together like a football team? Read this science tale and learn about Penguins.



Fourteenth book is “Iron Man”

What is the symbol for Iron?  Why does Iron rust? What are its properties? Read this Science tale in which Johnson learns about the metal Iron.



Fifteenth book is “Melting Point”

What is heat? Why do chocolates and ice cubes melt? Read this Science tale and learn about melting point.


Sixteenth book is “Peter’s Robot”

What are robots? What do they do? Where can we find them? Read this Science tale and learn about gravity.


Seventeenth book is “Save Energy”

Why should we switch off appliances when not in use? Why is it important? Read this Science tale and learn about saving energy.


Eighteenth book is “Shinkansen”

 Does Bullet Train use magnetic force to push and pull? Read this Science tale and learn about Bullet Train and its high speed.


Nineteenth book is “Sounds”

Why shouldn't we listen to loud music? What does it do to our ears? Read this Science tale and learn about sounds.



Twentieth book is “Stuck in Quicksand"

What is a Quicksand? What makes a person sink in it? Read this Science tale and learn about various properties of quicksand.


Twenty first book is “Stuffy Wants Energy”

What is energy? Where does it come from? Does Stuffy have energy? Read this Science tale and learn about energy.


Twenty second book is “The Rainbow”

What is a rainbow? Why does it form? Read this Science tale and learn about the Rainbows.

Twenty third book is “Thunderstorms”

The drizzle turned into a heavy rain. Lucky wanted to watch television but Pappa said it wasn't safe. Read this Science tale and learn about thunderstorms.


Twenty forth book is “White As Snow”

Read this Science tale and learn about snow.

Science Tales will helpthe child discover and understand the world around!


  • Simple stories with beautiful illustrations to make the child aware of many not-understood day-to-day science topics.
  • Simple and right explanations to make children understand complex topics.
  • Young children are natural explanation-seekers. The story topics selected answer many questions which children have in their minds.





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