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My Little Library of Panchtantra Tales

My little library of Panchatantra is a collection of short stories originated in India many years ago. The beautiful stories inside these books are meant to inculcate good values in children. The book showcases essential morals and real-life situations, so the children can relate to them properly. This beautiful collection of short stories is meant to educate young minds. The stories are very informative and give the children an insight into many essentials that they should know before stepping out in the real world. The captivating illustrations with every story not only captures the reader's attention but also creates their interest to read the stories till the end. Reading panchtantra stories to children is a must to bring moral lessons into their life right from childhood. Panchtantra stories will not only shape their future but they will also learn the more profound lessons of life through these stories

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Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: Box with 10 books of 16 pages
Book Size: Box: 140mm X 220mm X 40mm
Age Group: 6-7 Years
Format: Box - Pack
ISBN: 9789382944775