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Primary School Children Lack Literacy Skills

Posted By Admin on 09-Aug-2018

'Primary School Children Lack Literacy Skills', says Education Secretary
The Education Secretary for Hampshire, Damian Hinds, has pointed on the condition of primary school children who do not meet the level of literacy skills needed to communicate in full sentences. He says that children find it hard to read when they come for school.
With the amount of time children spending in front of screens, over a quarter of primary school children lack the reading and writing skills, which Hinds is expected to mention in his speech on social mobility. Moreover, he considered the predicament a “scandal”.

“It is a persistent scandal that we have children starting school not able to communicate in full sentences, not able to read simple words,” Hinds is expected to say on Tuesday according to a report filed by The Guardian. Source of this quote(


“This matters, because when you're behind from the start you rarely catch up. Your peers don't wait, the gap just widens. This has a huge impact on social mobility,” he will add.
According to statistics gathered by Hinds' department, over 28% of children aged 4 to 5 years are bereft of early communication skills required by the end of the reception year.
Hinds has also announced an educational summit this autumn to encourage parents with ideas to strengthen the educational backdrop of their children.
“The home learning environment can be, understandably, the last taboo in education policy – but we can't afford to ignore it when it comes to social mobility,” Hinds added according to The Guardian.
Agreeing to Hinds' vision and how primary school children are not being able to meet the basic educational requirements, Young Angels, a leading publisher of children books, delivers a range of skill-development books that not only teach children but also teach parents about helping children to build these skills. Empowering Life Skills (ELS) is a magazine that children can't get bored of.

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Primary School Children Lack Literacy Skills


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